Frequently Asked Questions


Following are some of the questions we are asked frequently, and the answers we provide

Where is the event taking place?

Armor Technology 2014 is being formed as a continuous online event. It will be open to the forum members, by invitation only. You will be able to watch the presentations online, using your standard web browser, on your computer, notebook, tablet or even on any smartphone supporting video display. Participants invited to attend will be able to watch each of the presentations on demand, over the official conference days. Full members of the Armourforum will be able to watch those presentations without limitation, immediately as they are available. Prsentations will be announced in open forums.(FAQ)

How can I attend?

The Armour Technology 2014 symposium is open to military personnel, active, reserve and retired. Government an industry executives, researchers, official representatives of the media, analysts and consultants or other personnel, based on the organisers’ consideration. Access to the presentations is restricted to invited members. You can apply for an invitation here. To expedite processing please include your job function and company affiliation. (FAQ)


Who are the speakers?

Speakers are selected to provide a broad view of the topics selected for each event. The speaker’s names will be published upon the formal confirmation by the representing organisations. (FAQ)

For the Armour Technology 2014 symposium the topic is “Combat Vehicles Survivability” speakers will include discuss the evolution of asymmetric threats, representatives from the IDF R&D directorate, and think tanks will discuss the future directions for the combined combat force. In the solution tracks, a number of experts will present the latest solutions in composite armour technology, blast protection, active protection, hit avoidance and situational awareness. (FAQ)

Can I contact the speakers?

Speakers will be available to answer questions via the Armourforum discussion board. (FAQ)

How can I network in your event?

All attendees invited to participate in the forum are required to register at or subscribe to Defense-Update for the duration of the event. Registration enables you to contact other participants, submit questions, and communicate with groups or individuals based on their profession, job function, country and affiliation. We also have an active group on Linkedin, where you can also contact some of our members. (FAQ)

How can I submit a paper for presentation?

We welcome suggestions for new topics for this symposium and future events. Please follow the ‘Call for paper’ release on this site or contact us, where you can obtain the available tracks, and areas of interest which we are considering for new speakers. (FAQ)

Do you offer commercial sponsorship opportunities?

Armour Technology 2014 is an open forum, welcoming members from the military, industry, academic circles. Executives, researchers and analysts from industry are invited to submit presentations on new solutions, those will be included in the Armour Technology 2014 solutions track or under other tracks. (FAQ)

Companies are invited to sponsor the event and specific different tracks. You can obtain overall branding opportunities, advertise on specific functional areas (discussion boards, registration emails, welcome pages etc.), sponsor technology tracks and discussion boards or link your company video with a presentation. (FAQ)

Who is behind this venture?

 Magen ve Romach (Lance & Shield’) is a military publisher registered in Israel since 1993. Magen ve Romach was one of Israel’s internet publishing pioneers. The company introduced the interactive version for Defense-Update military index in 1994 and the first online technology magazine, NewsGuide in 1996. In 2004 the company introduced ‘’ which is one of the leading online defense magazines. In 2013 we added the VideoReport channel which has now evolved into the innovative web-based events you are invited to join now… (FAQ)

Where are you located?

The ‘Armour Technology 2014’ event is an online event, therefore, it is not bound to any physical domain. We do have organisational affiliation to ‘Magen ve Romach Ltd.’, the publisher of Defense-Update and the Armourforum. We have operational bases in the US, Israel and Singapore. (FAQ)

How do I contact you?

You may contact us via the ‘Contact Us‘ tab on the menu above or by following this link. (FAQ)

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